Perfection is priceless, but you can also purchase Harper Heaven by the hour.

1 hour

$700 AUD 

2 hours

$1,200 AUD 

3 hours

$1,800 AUD 

4 hours

$2,400 AUD

Additional hours

$600 AUD 

Decadent Affairs

Dinner Date | 2 hours + 2 hours

$1,800 AUD

Overnight | 14 hours

$4,000 AUD 

Full Day & night | 24 hours

$6,000 AUD 

Weekend | 48 hours

$10,000 AUD 

1 week | 7 DAYS

$20,000 AUD

Travel Companionship

travel, Tailor-made

I do adore travelling, and a perfect companion makes for an unforgettable trip - so these bookings are priced upon application and tailor-made as I favour them highly.


A minimum booking duration of a overnight is required, plus flights and accommodation.

Arousal Activities

What I can give you, baby.

As extensive, fun-filled, and at times primitive and wild as it is, my service list - or more so, what two adults can enjoy in the clandestine comforts of their hotel room - I feel is best discussed between you and me. Due to Victorian state legislation, I am unable to publicly advertise what I offer, so please feel free to contact me directly to tailor your date to your needs. 

PLEASE NOTE: Greek is at my discretion for repeat clients only.