Because business systems are sexy. Expectations and admin; to ensure the booking process runs smoothly, we both enjoy each others company, and the afterglow of our date lives on.

Booking Process

  • I will endeavour to return your message or email within 4 hours - unless I am in a booking, asleep, or travelling/in transit.

  • All communication should be clear, comprehensible, and of course polite.

  • The following information is helpful: your name, preferred date and time, length of booking, location, and any requirements or wishes.

  • I would love to spend time with you, so to guarantee I can, booking in advance is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

  • 10% deposit required for all bookings under 4 hours.

  • 20% deposit required for all bookings over 4 hours and tour bookings.

  • Deposits are to be made into my business account via EFT or discreet ATM cash deposit.

  • If you have a specific service that you enjoy in your dates, please politely ask for my services.


  • Please set aside time for yourself to shower thoroughly and mouthwash prior to our date.

  • If you happen to be running behind schedule it's not a problem, simply send me a message to let me know, and I will also do the same (the booking commences at the booked time, not when you arrive).

  • Once the date is secured in my diary, please refrain from sexting or rapport building via SMS or email - a lovely notion but unfortunately I do not offer this - let’s save the flirting until we are together.

During our date

  • The remaining balance is payable in cash, please have this ready in an envelope with my name on. I request you give me privacy to count the payment.

  • I'm happy to stay, so if you would like to extend the booking please have the additional payment ready beforehand.

  • I am incredibly sentimental and enjoy the smallest of gestures: a single red rose, a hand written card, love letters, or maybe my favourite...a copy of your most loved book or fresh berries. Gifts, especially expensive gifts are never expected, so when received I am incredibly grateful, should you wish to gift me, please visit my wishlist or my favourite things on Scarlet Blue.

  • I am happiest when hydrated; as my host, please make sure I have ample water. And for bookings over 4 hours I suggest light nibbles (to keep a girls strength up!). Please note: I only drink alcohol on overnight bookings or dinner dates - you are most welcome to indulge regardless.

  • I operate a healthy, consensual and sane business, therefore I have a zero tolerance for drunken behaviour, drugs, violence and uncourteous behaviour. If I suspect you are on drugs I reserve the right to terminate the booking immediately without refund.

  • I like to form a strong romantic friendship with my clients over time, however, your privacy and my privacy, and respect there of is crucial for both of us during our time together.


  • I take great pride and acknowledgement of the wonderful career I have and the bond I form with my clients, so should you feel the need to leave me a positive review on Scarlet Blue - I would adore to read it and relive our delicious memories created.

  • When leaving a review, please feel free to share: the ease of booking, professionalism, punctuality, appearance, photo authenticity, overall experience, the fun, pleasure and enjoyment from the date - but let's keep it PG rated, as some details are more sacred kept between the two of us.

  • Should you wish to rebook a date with myself, please follow the booking process etiquette above.