Flirty Words

My first blog. It should be provocative, with seduction my only intent. Laced with sexual innuendos, flirty words, and enough cliché euphemisms to make you recoil away from your screen with disgust. I refuse.

Instead, what I offer you (apart from my good looks, charm and bedroom skills) is a home away from home. Here you'll find an array of not so family friendly blogs on the escapades of my heavenly little life, the etiquette and expectations, and the thoughts therein; sex tips to keep your wife and I happy, satire from under my bed sheets, and the literary ramblings of a woman living life by her own rule book.

If you are a lover of mine, you know my voice, my laugh, and the plaything in my eye when I purr under the sheets. So when My Lover you read my blog, listen with your loins and you’ll hear me. If you are yet to become a lover of mine (what’s taking you so long?) this blog is here to layer upon layer you until you cave and crumble and succumb, and then you must, by moving heaven and earth… date Harper Jones.

Think of this blog as an interlude in your world and a delve into mine, because we all need a little escapism don’t we?




Harper Jones