Why I Became An Escort

I write this at the airport returning from my Europe tour slash vacation. I’ve battled with the first version I wrote 3 weeks ago – a grand total of one paragraph and superficially fluffed to make sure I didn’t reveal too much about myself, and the latest version only in need of a decent jetlag-less proofread and possibly a shot of whiskey before I hit post. You see, when it was requested that I write a blog on why I became an escort, I assumed it would be a simple task, but I’ve realized, to write it, I must bare all – pun intended. So with vulnerability, I offer more of myself to you in order for you to greatly understand why I do what I do – and love it.

My mother first caught me masturbating when I was 7 years old; I remember the horror on her face. From that moment on, my sex drive seemed to snowball, picking up speed from year to year until I realised it was sex sitting heavily at the core of me, to be intertwined with another human, skin on skin, it is my absolute bliss. I adore it. I need it. I crave it. Possibly addiction. But to say that my insatiable sex drive is the force behind my main career is but a terrible cliché and ignorant mislead. Those reading this are most probably a sex worker or clients of sex workers, so you are already the well informed and know it’s not merely the physicality of sex we sell.

I am obsessed with sex, humans, and physical communication.

At the ripe old age of 14 years, I told myself I wanted to be an escort and it was all but decided. Although it took me many, many years later to finally take the plunge. I think I must have watched something to influence me slightly, a movie perhaps – probably Pretty Woman. I knew without even trying escorting that I would be good at it. My loving, open, (horny) and warm personality had allowed me to master the art of physical communication already. It was easy really; it’s not about opening your loins, is it? but yet it’s about opening your spirit and letting someone connect with it when you have sex. I became an Escort because I am bursting at the seams with love to give, passion to smother people in and the normal world cannot handle all I have to give (yes, I’ve had boyfriends break up with me because I’m too affectionate…and sexually demanding)

I believe we have a human right to experience intimacy.

I’m attracted to humans. Any human, kiss me in the right way, with your hands running through my hair, and I’m instantly turned on. My sexuality is so hyper-sensitized that I revel in the bliss of sex and sexual intimacy. It helps us to connect, to release stress, to feel grounded, to feel free and euphoric – my business mission statement is very simple…whoever you are, aren’t we all entitled to enjoy that?

So what does this mean? I packaged what I had inside me and saw that escorting was the one industry where what I had to give would flourish and my needs satisfied. Contemplate this My Lovers, I find my job so fulfilling, I need escorting in my life as much as you do.

I believe we have a human right to experience intimacy.


I have oodles of affection to give (and an insatiable sexual appetite)


Voila! Harper Jones the Escort.



Harper Jones