My Love For Older Men

This is not a blog I’ve struggled with, in fact, I wrote with vigor, a topic close to my heart.

I’ve always dated men older than me, my boyfriends and lovers have usually been in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. I adore a hefty age gap, it gets me….well, satisfactorily saturated.

Are you attracted to women or men younger than you or older than you?

Freud would have a field day with us – why oh why are you attracted to women half your age? Why am I attracted to men nearly twice my age? Is it the conversation they offer me, or possibly their enigma, could it be daddy issues, or maybe it’s just the way the sunlight glistens from their grey hair when they dip their chin, smiling cheekily at me, the soft lines around their face look delightful when they’re making love to me, and their wise worn hands feel warm cupping my breasts. Let’s go with the latter, just enjoy what we each offer to one another and leave the psychoanalysis at home.

I tend not to agonize over it for too long as it takes away from simply enjoying what I enjoy, and a lack of understanding serves me better than being misunderstood. But would I go as far to say that I have an age gap fetish? Yes, yes I would – it is usually what I watch porn / masturbate to.

And why do you enjoy younger women?

When I was in the arms of a Lover a few weeks ago, he was transfixed on my neck – it was bliss, and I asked him why he loved necks so much, his answer: “Why do you love your favorite dessert?” good point right? We don’t need a reason…we just love it. I’m guessing you love younger women because you love younger women (plus they are beautiful and delicious, and extra yummy covered in whipped cream)

The moral of the story is that I am attracted to older men, this doesn’t mean I am not attracted to men my age or younger, on the contrary, both fall into the category: my type – hey…dessert is dessert. But please know – My Lover – that your age doesn’t bother me in the slightest, quite the opposite.



Harper Jones