If you live a secret life of wild abandonment, self-indulgence, and are drawn to creatures of the night, then you're a rebel like me and I like you very much already, I think we should date… 

Hello there you, so you found me. It may have taken you a while to get here and many profiles perused, so, to make this easier for you here is…


I believe in romance and long-lingering affairs, but I (like you) also equally crave a brief animalistic meet as I know just how invigorating they can be – expect a whimsical flirt in her sexual prime who enjoys both long and short bookings with men, women, and couples.

I adore the dating culture and meeting strangers, with our sole connection being that of physical release, boundary abandonment, emotional fulfillment, and of course…fun - expect to be met with a warm and welcoming hug; like estranged lovers meeting for the first time.

I have a finely tuned skill to be able to put people at ease on the first meet – expect a social chameleon who cares about getting to know you and our time together.

I am a sensual creature and thrive on human contact and intimacy – expect a skillful playmate and open-minded lover ready to join you on your sexual journey.

I am authentically myself; a nonconformist, pleasure-seeking rebel with a zest for life – expect a cheeky chatterbox who enjoys the occasional dad-joke. After all, the best foreplay is laughter.

Please feel free to read up on my blogs, and check out my twitter for a taste of my personality and photo authenticity.